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Five Reasons To Gift A Facial Or Dermaplaning To A Loved One

Five Reasons To Gift A Facial Or Dermaplaning To A Loved One

If you have the birthday of a loved one coming up, you may be struggling to think about what to get them. One thing that makes a great gift but often goes unnoticed is giving the gift of a facial or dermaplaning.

A facial has the goal of improving the health of your skin and helping to treat skin conditions, while dermaplaning consists of shaving the top layers of your skin to help reduce the appearance of blemishes or remove unwanted hair. They do these usually minimally invasive methods that will leave skin looking brand new after the facial or dermaplaning is complete.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to give this gift to a loved one.

Dermaplaning & Facial Gifting Benefits

Treat Dehydrated or Damaged Skin

Even though Spring may be on the horizon, we can all agree it’s been extremely cold in recent months, and we’ve spent quite a few days battling minus temperatures! The dry air and cold winds are not good for your skin, so you may find yourself and your loved one’s skin looking a bit dehydrated or damaged recently.

A facial is a great way to rehydrate and restore your skin back to its natural shine. Facials can consist of hydrating treatments to moisturise your skin while dermaplaning can exfoliate your skin and remove the top layer of dead or damaged skin.

Smooths Wrinkles & Lines

No matter what age you are, most people are concerned about the effects of ageing. A facial can help to reduce the effects of ageing by smoothing out wrinkles and lines with anti-ageing treatments. Some will use specific vitamins and minerals to provide hydration, while facial peels can be used to remove the top layer of your skin to leave your skin looking younger and smoother.

Something To Do Together!

Going to get a facial together will make a lovely day out. You can both book a facial at the same time or one after another, then catch up over lunch or coffee afterwards! Maybe make it a whole day of self-care and book to go for a massage or steam. It’s a great opportunity to relax with somebody you love and reconnect if you haven’t spent much time with them lately.

Dermaplaning Treatments & More From The Country Clinic

Give the gift of skincare and facial treatments with The Country Clinic. Based in Curry Rivel, we provide a range of facial treatments and skin care to our customers, as well as advanced aesthetic services.

Our treatments will help enhance your natural beauty with non-surgical procedures for both men and women. If you’re interested in gifting a facial or dermaplaning to a friend, or would just like one yourself, give us a call today at 07540 933393 or email hello@thecountryclinic.co.uk

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