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Lip Masterclass

On Sunday 20th March, I had the pleasure of attending a Lip Masterclass with the incredibly talented and successful Touch Aesthetics.

Professional & Safe Lip Fillers

Although I am already a confident injector when it comes to treating the lips, I feel it is very important to attend regular training courses to further improve my injection technique, advance my skills and refresh my anatomy and complication management knowledge. 

The aesthetics industry is fast-paced and to excel in the industry it’s important to keep up to date, as there are always new treatments, new products and new techniques to learn about.

In addition, attending regular training courses ensure my practice is effective, appropriate and most importantly – SAFE!

The Country Clinic’s Signature Lip Technique

Attending the masterclass has helped me to fine tune my approach to treating the lips and I am very excited to be introducing ‘The Country Clinic’s Signature Lip Technique’. 

This technique is unique to The Country Clinic and can be tailored to every lip shape and size, to create a natural enhancement that adds volume, height and definition to the lips.

Visit our dermal fillers page to learn more about lip fillers in Curry Rivel.

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